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Morning Assault, Combat Jet Gempur Sulu

Tuesday, 05.03.2013 | 10:59 pm
LAHAD DATU - Malaysia Military dawn attack fighter jets to the occupied territories of the Sultanate of Sulu people, dirty Datu, Sabah, Tuesday (5/3) today. Eyewitnesses said that since morning near the village Tanduo, voice fighter jet roared in the sky, followed by artillery fire several times. At least six times boom sounded around 7:30 pm local time this morning.
The journalists who had gathered at the inn said that the Companions 16 combat jet flying low over a village. Around 8:30 pm local time, several military trucks entered Tanduo seen.
Elite forces and police combat battalions are visible on the ground, allegedly involved with the team shooting Sulu. Until this news was revealed, not immediately clear whether any casualties in the attack.In total since the shooting Friday (1/5), 27 people were killed specified.
Proclaimed The Star, Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak in a statement this morning saying short, this morning attacking team expel the remnants of Sulu in the Village Tanduo, Lahad Datu.
Mellaui lantor Bernama national news, he mengataka, negotiation with the army of the Sultanate of Sulu, the amount of which 100 to 300 people, failed. "At 7 this morning, the security forces launched an attack on the village Tanduo," he said.
"The longer the invasion took place, it is clear to the authorities that they do not intend to leave Sabah," said Najib Razak. "The government should take action to safeguard the dignity and sovereignty of the country as per the request of the people of Malaysia."
Since fighting breaks on Friday last week, had 27 people killed in the state. A total of 14 of them were Sulu, seven soldiers Malaysia, a house where the owner lives in the Village Tanduo Agbimuddin, and a priest of the Philippines and the fourth son of the original.
Not yet known how many victims were killed or wounded in the attack this morning in Lahad Datu. This is the worst conflict that occurred in Malaysia in recent years, threatening the stability and sovereignty of the sea between Malaysia and the Philippines.
More than 300 villagers from Felda choose Tanduo to evacuate. Of refuge in the hall of Cape Labian citizens, they can hear the explosion and fire. They pleaded not get any food since last Monday night.
Soldiers from the Sultanate of Sulu arrived in Lahad Datu, Sabah's east region, since 11 February. Led by Agbimuddin Kiram, the brother of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, they claim the area as part of their land.According to the Sultanate of Sulu, Sabah province of Malaysia's now a part of their territory that was once leased to the British company in 1878.
Finish History
Just remind, Feb 9, 100-300 indigenous southern Philippines, many armed, landed on one of the beaches in the State of Sabah, Malaysia. They then develop temporary retreat in the coastal town of Lahad Datu.
Their arrival in Sabah is not in order to flee or become dark immigrant job seekers, as often happens in the Malaysia-Philippines borders.
The presence of people claiming descent and envoys of the Sultanate of Sulu in the Philippines led mission. They are determined to take back the land claims and heritage of his ancestors in Sabah.
Later the situation grew worse. Intergroup Malaysia intruders and security forces involved shooting.Contact shooting happened first, Friday (1/3), which took 14 casualties. Saturday, the number of dead from both sides reach 27 people, after another shooting occurred in other parts of Sabah.
Worried that the amount will continue to increase recall effort continues pursuit by officers. Intruder cluster also did not want to declare surrender and will continue to fight to the Government of Malaysia ready sit at a table to negotiate.
Action reckless intruders group "invaded" the Sabah region occurred shortly after the Philippine government and the separatist group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in the Southern Philippines signed a peace agreement in October 2012.
A few seconds before a peace agreement was signed, Jamalul Kiram III (74), the Sultan of Sulu today, felt betrayed because without clear reason excluded from the negotiation process, and facilitated by Malaysia.
University of the Philippines law professor Harry Roque, as quoted by the BBC, to see the whole event related to one another. All events that are then melatarbelakangi what is going on in the state.
According to Roque, because of frustration, the Sulu Sultanate later broke away and capable of selecting reconvene entire territory of his kingdom, which is spread across a number of islands in the Southern Philippines to Sabah.
Historical records, in 1658, the Sultan of Brunei presented to the Sultan of Sulu Sulawesi province for their assistance in fighting the rebellion in Brunei.
At the time of British colonialism, precisely in 1878, the Sabah region hired by British North Borneo Company.
Enterprises should pay tax money worth 1,600 U.S. dollars per year. The contract stated that the rent will continue to be paid for Sabah still in power enterprise.
When England go and then become part of the Sabah region of Malaysia, Malaysia Government continued payment. To date, Malaysia has to pay around 5,000 Malaysian ringgit (Rp 15.6 million) per year to the heirs of the Sultanate of Sulu.
The question first arose when English liberate Malaysia. Since 1963, when stated in the territory of Malaysia Sabah, British unilaterally interpret the contents differently from the previous contract.
The English consider the money paid to the Sultanate of Sulu as money to transfer ownership of Sabah despite the payment process still continues and passed on to the government of Malaysia until now.
While the Sultanate of Sulu still consider the tax money just rent their territory in the state. Status of ownership, according to them, have not changed.
"In my opinion, the money should always remain as rent because there is no sale price is not fixed and continue to be paid until the end," said Roque.ins, str

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