Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The current armed insurgency in Lahad Datu, Sabah which is spreading to areas such as Semporna and possibly other parts of Sabah is a serious national security concern. All parties involved, the federal government, the Sabah state government and Opposition politicians, must set their priorities right.
Blame game from both the BN and PR is not going to contribute positively to finding a solution to end the fatal and dangerous insurgency
Firstly, this blog supports the call to convene an emergency parliamentary session to discuss the Lahad Datu insurgency and the Sultan Sulu's claim of sovereignty over Sabah. Both sides of the house should show some unity to protect, defend and face any challenges to our national sovereignty and the parliament has to take an immediate action both legally and internationally to ensure that such incident and claim does not repeat again in the future.
Both sides must condemn unscrupulous attempts from unsolicited sources to pin the blame on politicians from both BN and PR. Any attempt to split national opinion and unity over the issue is going to weaken our resolve to protect Malaysia's interest and sovereignty. All who are involved in the fierce political battles leading to the next GE must remember that national interests should transcend all.
Secondly, it is sad to note that some hardcore supporters are calling for more blood bath. Can we achieve a permanent and lasting peace if our armed forces were to move in to the siege territories and annihilate all armed foreign militants? The show of force is one thing but a careful, well planned and articulate strategy to end the conflict is critical. We should consider the livelihood, safety and well-being of our local residents living in Lahad Datu and other affected areas.
Thirdly, the government has duty to keep the nation informed of the current situation. Malaysians have a right to know what is actually happening. Thorough investigations should be conducted but priorities must be set to ensure that the results of the investigations are helping to resolve the conflict and not to make a scapegoat out of some personalities.
Otherwise, we could be making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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